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If you are new to the online chat room platform then welcome to the 7strangers universe! In a world plagued by disease and quarantine, it’s one of the best ways to kill time and enjoy. That's why in recent times sites and apps like these are all the rage.

7strangers is one of the many online random chat room app/websites helping to connect you with people from all over the world from the comfort of your laptop and PC.

Getting started with 7strangers:-

Contrary to the popular belief online chat rooms are pretty easy and simple to maneuver around.

Just download the 7strangers app available on both android and iOS or open their website without any login formalities and begin your 7strangers chat!

Features of  7strangers chat experience:-

7STRANGERS alternatives

Let’s face it, although 7strangers in its own right is an impeccable site to meet random people there are still some limitations. It’s not available in all the countries. So, here are some 7strangers alternatives to give you the exquisite experience of online chat rooms.

1. Omegle

Omegle was one of the first online stranger chat rooms that enabled users to talk anonymously.

It offers a private, anonymous chat room with no registration. All you have to do is open the website and begin chatting. Usually, people use it for adultery and dating but many antisocial people out there use it to express their true feelings to a random stranger.

Omegle is easy, fast, and extremely reliable. The slight drawback of using this website is that the chats are saved on the server for at least four months before being deleted permanently. Even after this slight drawback, Omegle is still one of the most sought out random chatting apps.

2. Talk.Chat

If you’re that person who doesn’t have a lot of friends with common interests then this is it for you. Talk.Chat is built especially for people belonging from different communities to come together and talk about their shared interests.

Talk.Chat has a special feature that enables users to create their online chat rooms. The chat room can be accessible to anyone who wishes to join like people who want to play among us together.

What are the chat rooms?

Chat rooms are places where people of the same interest assemble to talk about the topics of the user's chosen interest. In addition, they provide a huge platform for organized group activities like a flash mob, or some other interesting activity.

Chat rooms are a wonderful experience for people who don't have many friends who share their interests.

Now, you won’t ever have to be alone while playing dungeons and dragons or watching that horror movie. Hell! You can even find people to go on a ghost adventure with you.

3. ChatForFree

It’s another amazing free anonymous website that allows the use of a webcam and video chat The website has a wide array of chatrooms that are free and are accessible all over the world. It’s free, it’s anonymous, and once again a great multi-purpose website. It requires no prior login or registration and the user can meet and enter chatrooms from around the world and engage in conversations of their language and interests. 

4. Chat-Avenue

Chat-Avenue has a great variety of chatrooms available on its server catering to the needs of every kind of interest you can imagine. It has rooms related to interests, age, dating, sexuality, and professions.

Chat-Avenue is an amazing platform to grow professionally and individually which helps you a lot in trying to understand how to socialize with a group of people. There are chatrooms available for every interest you can think of. It’s anonymous, free, and requires no registration. All you need to do is to decide which chatroom to enter and your journey to a happening social life begins. It is also supported on every electronic device available as well as android and iOS.

5. IncogChats

IncogChats and 7strangers are one of the leading anonymous random chat apps and websites out there. Its singular purpose is to find the right person for you.

Features of IncogChats:- 
Precautionary measures: