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format_quote I use Incogchats to clear my stress after a tough day. It's just fun to chat and exchange fantasies with random strangers. For me, it's the best way to relax and clears stress.
-- Angel Wings

Welcome to IncogChats - the strager chating app designed just for you.

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‘Know the Unknowns’- Random Stranger Chatting App


We made it possible in 2019 and spent months and worked hard, diligently to create a stress-free life span for people of all ages. IncogChats have about 1lakh happy users worldwide. Click "Let's chat" to start chatting. Many Happy users use this chat every day!

See how easy it is, have fun with your random stranger chat experience!

Best features of the IncogChats

IncogChat provides super cool free online chat rooms with individuals. Meet strangers around the world. It has provided a network through which you can share anything with strangers and feel free to talk with them from any place at any time. IncogChats gives you an easy and user-friendly platform where you can feel free to talk with strangers.

  • “IncogChats have Worldwide users” so you can get to know people from all over the world.
  • The best thing about IncogChat is that “We won’t save your chat data”.
  • Save your time and spend your time chatting “No log in or no signup is needed”.

IncogChats online chat rooms

A chat room that is free and registration free is something that people demand the most. We don't want you to pay or login or sign up for Random Stranger chat Room. Online chat is a free feature of IncogChat. An online chat room is a good place to hang out with your Random Stranger friends. You can check in IncogChat online chat rooms. There is no registration fee or Registration IncogChat demands.

In addition to a free chat, an online chatting website has to be sure whether it is compatible with mobile phones as the number of mobile phone users is increasing every day. Many people want to chat online without downloading the chat app or through registration. Do free chat at IncogChat as registration is no longer a boundation. These days chatting sites allow their users to directly use their online anonymous chat without having to download any app. IncogChat does not want your email id. IncogChat values ​​this feeling of chat room lovers and provides a mobile phone supporting chat platform that is free to use online and requires no registration to do Random Stranger Chat online with girls and boys.

No - Registration or No- LogIn required to chat online

IncogChat is one of the free chatting websites to do random stranger chat with anonymous. IncogChat provides you the best chat rooms without any registration or login or sign up. Try an online random stranger chat room without any registration. 100% free chatting online to chat with Stranger girls and boys. We know how much your time is worth. Thus, no registration or sign up is required to do random stranger chat online on IncogChat. IncogChat will not ask you to provide your email address.

You can chat without providing your email I’D or any personal data. One click is enough to do anonymous chat. You don’t need to register or create an account to chat online. Random Stranger Chatting with teen girls or women and boys could never be easier. Just one click is enough to start a chat without being required to register or sign up. Chat online without any ID on IncogChat. Use an online chat room to make friends.

Should we talk to unknown people?
Smile at strangers and you just might change a life

A recent study at the University of Chicago found that sometimes we communicate better with strangers than with friends and spouses. "People generally believe that they communicate better with close friends or their partners than strangers. This proximity can tell people how well they communicate, a phenomenon we call 'proximity-communication bias' Are, "said Boaz Keyser, a professor in psychology at the University of Chicago and a leading expert on communications.

Another research found that spouses underestimate their ability to communicate consistently, and do so more with their peers than strangers.

Connect with the world and know them as stranger

Meet Indians

If you are from India, you can chat with Indians and you have a great time while chatting with Indian strangers.

India is a secular country where people of all religions form a major part of this country. It is full of traditions, customs and cultures integrated with each other. All these regions have their own set of cultural upbringing and include more than one thousand regional languages. So, in Indian chat sites, you have a lot to talk about.

In India you’ll find many types of women or girls to talk with. They will be your great friend in need. You can know about their culture or religions and you can tell them about yours.

Find Your Friends from USA

American chat rooms allow you to search and talk with American people. Meet and chat online with men and women and teens from the United Kingdom Minor Outlying Islands. The American people are very polite and nice. Once you start interacting with them, they will treat you very well.

Use American language or English language to chat online with American random strangers easily and without nervousness. The American language is quite easy and you can learn it. When you chat with Americangirl or boy, they often chat in American to promote their language, so just remember you’ve to promote your culture or language. "Hello!" Be sure to start your chat by saying greetings and introduce yourself first. Talk about anything. Talk about their hobbies and interests. You can also chat if you have Native American skills.

Your Canadian Friends

You will find thousands of Canadians random girls or boys who are willing to chat with you. These people are real. You can easily become their friend. They will remain you Friend, friends are always with you in every problem. They always support you. They will be with you no matter what happens. Canadian are very entertaining and fun chat lovers. They get free time from their boring life and are a source of joy. Chat with random strangers but make sure you do not give your personal information to anyone else otherwise you will get into trouble.

Chat with them and make your day memorable. One of the biggest advantages of chatting with Canadian students is that you get to know their culture and get a chance to learn the Canadian language. You need to promote your culture so that they too know about it.

Strangers from United Kingdom(UK)

British people are quite sociable and sarcastic as well. They really like to befriend each other. He has so much interest in different customs. You can chat with them and learn about them and their customs. They are lovely to learn and to make friends with. Enjoy your company and share your thoughts with them.

Australians are Fun

The people of Australia do not enjoy so much that they value work and education more than anything. You can talk about your career and ask for advice from them or you can also give them. They are not so social, but they love to keep the friendship and move forward and find a perfect match for the friend. You will never regret chatting or enjoying with them.

Best Strangers Chatting App You’ll never Regret of Using

  • Omegle
  • Meet Me
  • Stranger Chat
  • Y99
  • 7 Strangers


Omegle is a free social networking website in which users meet other unknown people at random to chat via video, text or audio. This is known as 'virtual chat rooms'. The Omegle website is free to use, and the app is also free to download and for use you can connect to a user's existing data plan or Wi-Fi and can receive messages. Omegle has a 13+ age restriction. However, there is no registration process or age verification.You can connect with random people on “text chats”, “video chats” and “audio chats”. The official website of Omegle is (

Meet Me

The website initially started as a dating-app, but over time it evolved into a social network, which allows you to do random stranger chat with people of your interest and make hundreds of friends. It also enables you to see how many people have liked you or liked your profile. The website has a user-base of approximately 100 million people; so if you are interested in dating, you can count on Meet Me to find you a date.

Stranger Chat

Here is another best stranger chat app that you use without login. Yes, you read it right, in this app, you do not need to log in or create an account. However there is an option that allows its users to create free accounts to connect with random people anonymously. You can make a friend list of people you like to talk to while searching for new people. And share the moment with them with the help of the attachment sharing option in this app.

The best part of this app is that you enter boys 'exclusive chat rooms or girls' exclusive chat rooms. Because of that attribute, you will match the gender chosen each time.


Y99 is a totally free random guest talk room to taste chatting by being a visitor without enrollment or membership. Often providing your email or contact number to try something new can be a burden that we use in our group chat room with free guest chatting as well as features such as private chatting, video chat and voice calling Free with access to you and offers you. is a free chat room for global chat room enthusiasts with random chatting likes without nominations. Y99 is free and you can chat without any registration. Just one click to start chatting. The Y99 has a volume of free chat rooms that cater to Random Cool brand new people around the world. Personal interaction is one of the basic top features of the Y99. And also random online talk space is free. No fee chat is requested.

Talk to random strangers without enrollment, talk in personal chat, and distribute videos, pictures at no cost. Connect with people about the global globe and all sorts of those solutions are at no cost.

7 Strangers

7 Strangers is a great place to meet cool strangers. When you use Chat 7 Strangers, you can connect to another random chat user and make 1 on 1 text chat with each other. The chat service is completely anonymous, your chat partner can't see who you are and you can stop the chat at any time - it helps you stay safe. It is just a click away to chat. No registration is required to use the chat service.

Have fun and meet new people from other countries or your neighborhood. This random chat gives you a great time and an opportunity to get more friends online. Share your opinion and interest with strangers who may soon become your best friends! Enjoy the different types of people. Learn more about different cultures, to learn cool and interesting strangers from around the world. In addition, it is free to use, it is easily accessible and full of options - so, chat with random strangers now!


How to impress a girl or woman in online chatting?

How many of you are able to influence a girl through the online Random Chat?

Well, the truth is that the task can be a bit more complicated because you do not have the power of physical and direct contact on your behalf. Keeping this in mind, here are some tips that you may want to keep in mind to make things a lot easier. Let's go ahead and have a look.

  • While it can be very easy to find a random girl on the Internet, you need to remember that the first online conversation you are going to have with her is like your first date. This means that the impressions you manage are going to last and that is why you have to be present.
  • Needless to say, this is your biggest advantage. Go ahead and take a look at what your girl likes, the people she likes, the interests you both share - these are great things that you can easily take advantage of and talk about.
  • Feel the room, if you can. When you start a conversation, you must determine whether it is involved in it or not. If it is, then go ahead and try to connect. If she is replying with one word or she is not replying at all - take a step back. Maybe she has something to take care of or maybe she doesn’t like you. In both cases, you need to take a step back and let the chips fall where they want.
  • Keep in mind that ways of expressing emotion on the Internet are limited. Keeping this in mind, you want to take advantage of every opportunity you get. Emoticons are of some help in this situation. You should focus on numbers. If the girl is using some of her Emotions - which is a green light! You keep doing as you are clearly doing.

What is the free online chat site or App?

So many chatting sites are prevalent online. You can choose IncogChats or Holla or Splash or RandomStrangerChats or, Sweet Dates or StrangerChat to chat online with a stranger girls and boys. Everything is not right until you find the right friend or soul mate. Try different sites to get your right one.

Is the talk with Strangers website safe?

It is not wrong to be friends with a stranger. You can talk to them and make your friends strangers.

Your safety is in your hands; never share your personal information until the person in front of you has full faith or trust in them. Never share your personal picture with anyone. Don’t open the link provided by any stranger. You can use IncogChats to talk with strangers safely.

Everything else is fine and you are safe. Enjoy the chat and have fun!

How can I talk to a Stranger Girl Online?

I think this is the most difficult question of this era.

But don't worry, just start with a "hey or hello" and give a girl a good reason to answer you. Use Emojis or good pick up lines. Don’t go too cheesy. Some sensible talks attract girls or women more, try to know her interest and talk about them. Go with the flow and with random stranger girls at IncogChats.

Is there someone I can talk to about my Friends?

Yes of course there were many people who wanted to be your friends. All you need is a right listener and a good mentor. You can find them online on IncogChats, start chatting and enjoy.

R Roy

star star star star star

Very reliable and comfortable to chat with random people. Chatting in this website has become a such a relaxing and fun. I will suggest you people to bring in translators for the messages into the users preferred language in real-time.

Admin- IncogChats

Hi Roy, we are glad that you are having a good time on our app. Use our stranger chat app to meet new people around the world. 

IncogChats- free chat app

A Angel Wings

star star star star star

I use Incogchats to clear my stress after a tough day. It's just fun to chat and exchange fantasies with random strangers. For me, it's the best way to relax and clears stress.

Admin- IncogChats

Hi Angel Wings, thanks for the valuable comment. Download the free girl chat app to clear stress every day. 

IncogChats Team- Free strager chat

v vaishnavi chaturvedi

star star star star star

I found this website the most relevant platform to meet new people, talk to them and make great friends.

You can choose your like-minded people without sharing any means of personal information, it will help you get over social anxiety, depression all you need to sit and talk to a person you are comfortable with. Best way to work on your communication skills here nobody's gonna judge you.

It may also help you in choosing a trusted partner as of no personal information is shared they will just sense you on how you exactly you are, no catfishing nothing. No login or registration is there, you can chat, call or video call once you make yourself comfortable.

Although this platform keep your identity anonymous but we still believe you should not spill your personal information out until you make yourself assured. 

Admin- IncogChats

Thank you very much, Vaishnavi. Happy to hear that your ability to meet random people around the world. Use our chat platform to meet new people. 

IncogChats- Strager chat app

M Madhvi

star star star star star

This app is good. Iam fully satisfied.  And one of the best way to meet new people. Iam using and well satisfied thanks to this app.

Admin- IncogChats

Hi Madhvi, happy to hear that your ability to meet random people without any hesitation!. Download our free live video chat with girls and have safe chat. 

IncogChats- Best chat application 

R Ravina Khatri

star star star star star

1. Life is too short and boring for not making friends. Incogchats help in bringing new people to your life. Oh. Are you worried about the identity or do you have trust issues or are you concern about privacy? Well dump your worries in the garbage because Incogchats keeps your identity anonymous and one is not required to share their personal information. BRING HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIFE BY INCOGCHATS. 2. PANDEMIC- A word which has made us isolated, A word which has made us stuck in our homes. A word which has made us loner and of course it has made us somebody who is seeking out. Well, Incogchats is something which will make you come out of the feeling. It is a digital platform that allows to chat and come close despite the physical distance. If you are the one who is missing your closed ones, why not make the other ones. DOWNLOAD IT TODAY, ITS FREE AND BRING HAPPINESS.

Admin- IncogChats

Hi Ravina Khatri, 

Thank you for the review. As you said, in COVID time no one able to meet friends and new people. IncogChats platform you can meet anyone. I hope you enjoyed our stranger chat website

IncogChats Team- App to talk to strangers near you

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