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Text messages can be a perfect way to crack the ice and boost curiosity in getting to understand the person generously while you're just getting to know them. IncogChats is an online platform where you can start to know someone you want to. When it comes to a conversation with a girl, in place of asking her phone number, you can have a conversation with the girl in IncogChats. It's a free online website where you can start a conversation with her without login and free of cost. 

To start a text conversation with a person, ask her a short open-ended question, and then move the conversation to something relevant or important to her. Maintain a light-hearted tone in your speech. Keep the chat lighthearted and listen to her and see whether you can continue or finish it.

How exactly to start a conversation with a girl? 

  1. In place of simply saying ‘Hi!’ you can start a conversation with a girl by asking a question or just by asking how she's doing. Saying ‘Hi!’ sometimes make it hard to respond. Ask open-ended questions, it's much better than questions that just need simply yes or no.  
  2. Don't be cheesy while having a conversation with a girl. Try to bring something common between you both and talk about it. For example, talking about some common friend of yours or talking about school functions if you both are at the same school. 
  3. Talk about her interests, share yours and crack decent jokes. 

In short, make your conversation with a girl look relevant and pure. Be that friend who is smart enough in every facet of the conversation. Your clever words will keep your bond with that girl healthy. Make sure not to mistake anywhere while having a conversation with a girl for the first time. Just be normal and be pure like melody. 

How to use IncogChats to talk with girls? 

1) IncogChats is a website that can be used for free. It is free from logging and any kind of donations. 

2) You simply have to put a name in your profile and can start chatting in various chat rooms. 

3) IncogChats respects the privacy of yours. This means it doesn't collect any information related to conversations you having. 

4) You can choose any country to talk through IncogChats. 


 IncogChats is here to help you in moulding every relation into a permanent pact. 
Have a safe and wonderful chatting!