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Are you falling in love with someone living in “Saamne Waali Khhidki” and unable to disclose your feelings? IncogChats is an app for you where you can send her the message anonymously. Still thinking what IncogChats is?

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Make your connection in any language to turn your relationship into  “Chat with me, To come near me” to “Meet my parents, to get hitched”. 

IncogChats - is a chat near me app where you can discover the right matchmaker of your home language anonymously.

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Whether you speak “Je vous aime” or “ti amo” or “मैं आप से प्रेम करता हूँ” or “l love you”, no language can stop your feelings. IncogChats is your website that can be handled the way you want to. 

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Virtually and anonymously, you can reach everyone on the planet through IncogChats. It's a forum where people can converse without understanding much about one another, even their names.

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