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It is the simplest thing in the world to text your friends. When you're messaging your BFFs, you're witty and tricky, and you never flinch to send a message. Texting your crush, on the other hand, is a whole different story. There are so many expectations that you commence to query at any point. Even if you're striving to come up with the ideal conversation the chat looks wholesome awkward.

‘It's easy to love but hard to reveal’

It's ok if you are struggling with having a conversation with a boy. IncogChats is here to help you with the advice which you can use in curing this struggle. 

Turn on a conversation with a boy in the following manner:-

It's Nay For Humdrum Chitchat:- 

Don't be boring while starting the conversation with a boy. For instance, saying “Hi” is so much awkward to respond to. In place of it ask questions on topics that are common between you two or punch funny and impersonal jokes. 

Question About Curiosities :- 

While having a conversation with a boy, ask about his hobbies or interests. Further, discuss about your interests and prolong it with a clever conversation. 

Chat to him matter-of-factly :- 

Avoid talking about other guys to him and talk freely. You can put the conversation on games. Guys are very fond of games. You can talk about it and know about his favourite game too.

If you heed above three points while having a conversation with a boy his course of action will infer well that is he comfortable to talk or not. These given  points will help you in figuring out that is the  boy interested to develop a bond with you or not. Boys are easy personage of whom you can catch the inkling without any efforts. 

Hope this friendly advice helps you. Have fun and have a great chatting with a boy you want to. Hope you both develop a bond that remains forever.