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Once upon a time, online dating was considered a part of the whispering discussion. Online dating has always seen as a failed attempt for finding a partner. But look at now, couples are meeting online more and more these days, and the trends are being changed. Online dating apps are growing day by day with their users.  Similarly, IncogChats is 2019 originated dating app which helps males and females to find their prospective partner. 

But in this text, we are going to particularly talk about female dating strategy, under which we will cover all about how females should strategise themselves in having a conversation online. 

Female Dating Strategy#1 

Presence of mind - You will feel a lot more comfortable meeting strangers if you go into the date with a real desire to learn about the other person, have a good discussion, and have an inner confidence in what you contribute to the possible connection.

Be crazy bone- Everything is determined by one's attitude. Have a capacity to detect or appreciate comedy. If you come across any weird boy or relationship learn to highlight your sense of humour on it. 

Female Dating Strategy#2

Don't fake your profile - If you do have children, don't pretend you don't have any. If you don't like heavy metal, don't pretend to like it. If you're sensitive to pollen, don't claim to enjoy long walks in the park. Just don't do it !!!

Be honest online - Make sure you're utilising the right website (like IncogChats) and being honest with yourself about what you're searching for. You should also be clear about the kind of man you want. 

Female Dating Strategy#3

Keep your safe from revealing personal details while using the online chat room. It's important to stay safe for your security. Don't be blind in love which may change into guilty later. Keep your mind open to choose the right path for yourself. 

                 “Believe in yourself to fight for yourself ”

All the best for your online adventure with your updated life skills.

    Wish you a safe and comfortable chatting!!