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“Breakups ain't difficult to handle unless you make it difficult to solve”

During a breakup, in the beginning, you will deal with a variety of feelings, some of which will last longer than others. For that, you should take short-term and long-term steps to rebound from a breakup so that you can move on to healthier, trustworthy relationships in the future, including a healthy relationship with yourself.

How to cope with a breakup? 

  1. While dealing with a breakup, never control your feelings. Express your pain and cry as much as you want. The healing process will have its ups and downs, and you might sense depression instantly and be angry at another moment. Some people may also feel relieved.
  2. When you deal with a breakup, don't keep yourself socially away. Try to stay active socially, if this will not also help try to take the help of therapists. 
  3. Dealing with a breakup is not that difficult, keep a hold on yourself from hurting internally and externally. Change your lifestyle and choose what you really love to do. 
  4. Mental health is something you should prioritise always. Keep a note about yourself, that while dealing with a breakup, you don't lose yourself. Utilise this phase by knowing your abilities so that coping becomes easy for you. 
  5. It can be difficult to regain confidence with anyone depending on the situations around the separation. However, if you don't re-establish credibility, you may have trouble with your partners in the future. 

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“Breakups bind you up with your real personality, so don't run from experiencing it.”