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Online dating is a phenomenon that has finally started making a place in the Indian region. For a long time, the idea of ​​casual dating has been practiced by Indians due to the prevailing culture in which it is only long-term relationships that gain recognition from society.

However, the youth are now ready to break through these shacks and explore a whole new world of better, faster possibilities.

With the original minds of viewers being said, many dating apps in the nation are called relationship apps, in which helping people find the love of life is their opposite motive, rather than just one from casual date!

How Online Dating Apps in India are Changing the Dating Game 

However, if you still have your doubts about using dating apps in India, then some of these points can help give you a better outlook.

Here are the nine best dating apps in India that you can use to meet and connect with new people.

1. Tinder 

Tinder is the most popular and hands-down, best online dating app in India used by a large number of individuals who like online dating. This is the ultimate dating app that allows its users to find singles near them by swiping left on the app or swiping to the right. You can check Tinder, the best dating app in India on iOS, Android, and the web.

The free version of Tinder gives you limited swipes with limited access to singles in your area only. However, Tinder Premium takes the entire online dating experience to a level. 

Pros of tinder 
Cons of tinder 

2. Bumble 

Bumble App is one of the best online dating apps in India, which, unlike other dating apps, comes with a twist. Once you reconcile with a man on the app, women need to make the first move to start a conversation, which is an initiative to break this stereotype. You check another great dating app Bumble in India on iOS, Android, and the web.

For same-sex matches, either person can take the first step to start a conversation with their match on the bumble. Bumble has strict rules and practices to make the app a safe and friendly place for all its users.

Bumble Pros
Bumble cons

3. Happn

Happn is one of the best online dating apps in India that uses a unique match-making algorithm, to make virtual dating a more real-time experience. As a Happn user, you are connected to all Happn users who go through your path throughout the day. If both users like each other's profile, it matches!

One of the best dating apps in India, Happen shows you people around you. So if you cross paths with someone today and you like him or her, then go ahead and open your app to find out if he has a crush.

Happn's Pros 
Happn's cons

4. OkCupid 

OkCupid, known for its action ads around the web, is another great online dating app in India that you can use to find your soul mate. Unlike other dating apps that rely more on photos, OkCupid lives to find actual compatible matches through a set of questions asked by both users. It then proceeds to find their compatibility score among users to find their correct match.

You can check OkCupid, one of the best dating apps in India on iOS, Android, and the web. 

Pros of using OKCupid as a dating app in India 
OkCupid's Cons

5. TrulyMadly

TrulyMadly is another popular online dating app used in India which is somewhat like a Tinder option, which has some similar features. Online dating platforms have a strict verification process that needs to be followed to create a 'trustworthy' profile on TrulyMadly. This ensures that no one creates a fake profile on the platform, protecting users from any catfish situation. You can check TrulyMadly among the leading dating apps in India on iOS, Android, and the web.

Among the leading dating apps in India, Trulimadly uses a faith-based score to validate its users and allows you to be a wingman or wingwoman who helps your best friend find his or her types.

Some of the features of the TrulyMadly app are:

6. Hinge 

Hinge is an online dating platform that matches people based on their common interests while trying to form a similar pair. It works as a great Tinder option, but sadly it lacks some features that will make it more interesting. Hinge establishes a time-frame of interest to see your photos and people, allowing people to contact you based on common interests.

The tagline of the dating app itself is 'design to be removed'. 

Some of Hinge's unique features include:

7. Aisle

Aisle is a recently launched online dating platform focused on creating romance among Indians around the world. Platforms serve significantly for individuals who do not care about boundaries to find their soul and are excellent for building meaningful relationships.

The dating app is designed and built in India keeping the relationship in mind and includes a vibrant community of Indians. There are many successful relationships that have been created because of the app. You can check Aisle on iOS, Android, and the Web, a leading dating app in India

8. Tantan 

Tantan is an online dating app developed by a Chinese company that allows users to find matches and connections through the app. However, in some areas, the app is lacking during quality and potential matches. Overall, you should try Tantan once; Who knows, you can get your real date from there.

Some of the features of the Tantan app are: 

9. GoGaga 

Meeting complete strangers on online dating apps can be an overwhelming experience. GoGaga is the best dating app in India that allows users to meet friends of friends, making dating a reliable experience. The app digitalized the real-time concept of dating, according to which 7 out of 10 couples are introduced through common friends.

While many online dating apps only rely on swiping right and left, GoGaga's app allows committed friends to introduce themselves to their two single friends, creating an entirely new concept for online dating apps. You can check out GoGaga, the best dating app in India on iOS and Android.

The GoGaga app comes with three unique modes: 

Seeker Mode: This allows you to view the profile of friends of friends.

Matchmaker Mode: See suggestions from the app for your friends that would be a great pair. 

AI Mode: The AI ​​algorithm allows you to spin the wheel to see a reliable profile.

Frequently asked questions about dating apps in India:

Is an online dating app legal in India? 

Yes, dating apps and dating in India are legal as long as both of you do not get the consent of adults older than 18 years. In India, however, many continue moral policing to young couples on a zero basis, which should not be tolerated.

Which is the best app for online dating? 

Tinder and Bumble is undoubtedly the most used and most popular dating app in India used by millions of users. In addition, choosing the best dating app is subjective because each comes with its own set of features that are tailored to something else.

Is there a free dating app in India? 

There are various dating apps in India that can be used for free with some features. However, dating apps in India are currently not 100% free and can be paid with all its features once paid. Some popular dating apps in India for free services are Happn, Bumble, and OkCupid.

Which is the best dating app in India for a serious relationship? 

If you want to have a serious relationship then GoGaga is one of the best dating apps in India. Unlike applications such as Tinder, where you correspond with strangers, GoGaga allows users to digitize the real-life concept of real-time dating on a platform, matching friends with friends. GoGaga's app allows committed friends to introduce their two single friends, making it the best dating app in India for serious relationships.

Do dating apps in India really work? 

Yes, dating apps in India actually work. Many individuals have found the love of their life through internet dating. However, the work of dating apps depends on how you use them. Healthy conversations and real-life dates help to gain a better understanding of the other person, creating a better love life for you.

Is Tinder available for free? 

Tinder is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store, or you can visit to download Tinder for a web dating app in India.

What is the minimum age to use dating apps in India? 

For dating sites in India, the minimum age limit is 18 years. If you are banned from these services, because the date of birth you entered at sign-up indicates you are under 18, then you are going to stay out of the program for the period listed on the login page. Once that time has passed, you can continue the sign-up process on Dating App India.

Is Bumble free? 

Bumble is free, and will always be a free dating app in India! They have some free bonus apps to boost the Bumble experience including Bumble Boost and Bumble Coins. Bumble Boost has features that can see users who have already swiped right on your profile, reconnecting with expired connections, and extending your matches for 24 hours.

Do girls use dating apps in India? 

In most cases, Indian girls do not realize that they too are from. The dating app in India focuses on the culture of the USA and works well in Indian metro cities as both girls and boys are open.

Are dating apps safe? 

Dating app criminal users do not conduct background checks, and it is up to each user to decide whether they meet someone comfortably. However, it is important to note that you are a witness to sexual harassment or abuse while online dating or using the best dating app, it is not your fault.

What are some tips for using the best dating app?
What are some tips for staying safe on dating apps?
Can you browse Indian dating sites without signing up?

Without creating a new account, you can no longer browse most dating apps or websites. Many of these applications require users to create an account before browsing potential matches as a security measure.