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Making friends over the Internet is blooming like never before, especially among the younger generations, thanks to the advancement of Internet technology. In reality, people nowadays rarely look for pen pals. Writing letters has given way to email, and phone calls have given way to free online chat.

How does one make friends? 

The act of "making a mate" is a one-of-a-kind affair. In this case, it is contingent on the person attempting to make friends with you, his ethnicity and age, but the most important factor is his personality. Every person is unique, and the way they make friends varies from one person to the next. People's personalities play a big role in how they attract friends. You can try free online chat at IncogChats to give yourself a chance to know how good you are in an enticing relationship. 

What is IncogChats? 

 IncogChats is a free online chatting app that is most often used as a dating site that matches users together at random and encourages them to chat privately at random chat rooms. Users have no access to other users' profiles. There is no need to sign up or log in to access the website.

How do IncogChats vow friendship?  

IncogChats is a place where friendship begins. Incogchats promote friendship by allowing you to free online chat anonymously anywhere in the world. It keeps every barrier aside and allows every caste and race to chat freely randomly. Friendship begins where no barrier overstrains. 

IncogChats understand your privacy and keep no notice of it. Normally websites/apps ask for registration and some ask for payment too, but IncogChats is a free online chat room where no registration and no expenses are asked. 


Along with the family, friends are the support structure with whom you can share happiness. It is a relationship where the bond vowed to always be loyal to each other. So what are you waiting for? IncogChats supports your sensitivities, that's why it works its best to provide you with a companion where you can share all the emotions and sense the real happiness. It's a free online chat room where you can search for a partner patiently, and believe me it will give you a sense of relief.