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Do you feel bored in lockdown? Then try to have fun chats with strangers across the world. Online anonymous chats are a great way to distract our minds and just talk to random people and get to know more about them.

Why should we indulge ourselves in the online chatroom world?
What kind of chatrooms?
Benefits of anonymous chatting and fun chats.
IncogChats-a wonderful place to have fun chats

A great app for anonymous chatting in the complete privacy of you and your chat partner.

There’s no hassle of login or registration and the great thing is the website and the app are completely free of cost.

It values your privacy above anything else. It makes a great site for online dating and private discussions, helping you in making friends for a lifetime.

You can do video chat, audio chat, or just normal texting. Whatever suits you and your chat partner best and helps you having interesting and fun chats.


Omegle, yet another great app and website that gives you a great opportunity to have fun chats with strangers all around the world, and that too for free of cost.

It is one of the oldest and most trusted websites that provides a beautiful platform for people all across the world of any age, sexuality, and interest to just come together and find out new things about each other and have loads of fun chats.

It is once again completely anonymous chat and requires no registration or login so there’s no need for the server to anything about you. No hassle or work is required to reach out to the people out there in the world.


7strangers is yet another great app and website for you to begin chatting anonymously. It is a relatively new Online platform for fun chats but it serves as a great medium as they have an impressive no of subscribers given their novelty in this world.

The app and the website require no login or registration whatsoever. It supports audio, video, and textual chats, whatever the user prefers.

For any random anonymous website, privacy and confidentiality are priority and 7Strangers fulfill that criteria pretty well being one of the safest sites out there.


Unlike the popular opinion that anonymous online chat websites are used only for dating and related purposes Talk.Chat offers something different to its users. It offers a wide array of chatrooms where you can join in on the conversation and meet people of your common interests.

Benefits of chatrooms

Before beginning the journey towards the online chat sites and rooms some things must be remembered before beginning

Never share your personal information

The world out there is more cunning than we can imagine. That’s why to beware of people trying to extract your info from you.

Don’t download any unknown files

Stay away from any shady links and files whose content you’re unaware of. Don’t even think about downloading any files unless you want a dead computer and a hacker invading every site to find every possible information they can.

Never agree to meet in an isolated place

If things are luckily going wee with you and your partner and you have finally decided to meet up then always chose a public place for a date or a hookup.

Don’t share your photograph or believe someone else’s photo

Even if things are going all too well but your partner is always reluctant to talk to you on video chat or scared to show their face then it means that they’re not who they’re letting on.

Don’t ignore the signs

A lot of times we ignore our instincts and try to put logic behind the other person’s actions. We keep on trying to justify their actions even when we know that something is not right. If a person is making you uncomfortable by flirting too much or pestering you to meet them or tell them where you live then it’s time to move past them.

Don’t ignore your instincts and when they tell you to run then you better run!

In conclusion

Online chating websites provide a wonderful platform for us to meet new people and have fun chats but everything is good in moderation. We must not forget to be cautious while having fun. Remember, our safety is in our own hands.