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In these times of the online era, the dating app has become prominent and looked like to skyrocket to victory. Every single human in this world is so lucky to be a part of such convenience to find a prospective partner in online apps or website. IncogChats is one the world’s best online platform that operates for free for people who are searching for love or to make new friends through a dating app. 

But with this glut use of online dating apps, the issue comes in the form of safety. People blindly get into love that they never notice that their safety is getting into danger. They forget exactly how to use dating apps safely and choose to fall in love by not noticing the red flags. 

To keep your love life safe and prosperous, here are some of the safety measures you should make sure of :-   

Avoid disclosing your identity:-

The first point of how to use a dating app safely is - avoid to fill in your right name or details. Like for instance, you can write a nickname in place of a real name in your profile. Also don't give an address or any other private details in one go. 

Don't link any personal social media account with your profile :-

The second point of how to use a dating app safely is - maintain a separation between your dating profile and your personal social media pages. On those profiles, you probably have more sensitive details that hackers or scammers might use.

Don't be hurry in anything:- 

The third point of how to use a dating app safely is - before you turn to a private chat site like WhatsApp, take your time. Scammers want you to switch to an encrypted messenger so that their actions can't be tracked.

Keep some details secret:- 

The fourth point of how to use a dating app safely is - don't share any personal details like your school name or college name. Also, limit your location. Try not to allow dating apps to link with your location. Turn off the location sharing from the setting. 

Your safety is at your hand, don't unseen things that need to be sharply seen.