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During this pandemic, meeting new people and making new friends has been hard. We cannot make new friends by physically going out nor can we meet up with the old ones. Loneliness is not an uncommon thing anymore. Video calls and text messages are not the same as meeting up in person but studies have shown that the more ‘social’ chats you have, the less lonely you feel. But how can we do this during a pandemic? That’s why we bring you Incogchats! 

Incogchats is an online platform which began in 2019 and now has over a lakh of happy users scattered all over the world. Here you can make new friends from all over the world. All you need to do is click on ‘Let’s Chat’ to begin a conversation. Incogchats allows you to make new friends in fun chat rooms without even needing to sign up or login. This means that no one can access, share or see your personal information. Also, because of our no login or sign up policy, we will not have any information about you either. Having to download the app can be tedious and you may feel that it is an invasion of your privacy. This is why we made Incogchats in a way that you do not need to even download the app. Just go to our site and start to make new friends!

Incogchats is super easy and fun to use. You can easily navigate through the site with no technical glitches (which we all know are mind bogglingly painful). There are clear instructions on how to use the site if you do happen to get a little bit lost.  Now, you finally have a user-friendly place to make new friends. 

We know that there are very few free sites out there with no ulterior motives which to us seems really quite unfair to you. So, we made Incogchats an absolutely free site! That’s right. No subscription fees or monthly fees. All you need to do is open our site and start chatting with someone fun and interesting

Making new friends with people who don’t want to make any new friends can be hard. Especially nowadays where everyone is engrossed with something on their phone and don’t even look up when someone says hi. We both know that this can be very disheartening and eventually you just feel like giving up the idea of making friends. We at Incogchat understand everything that you are going through in the process of trying to make friends. 

Our easy to use chat rooms are just for you. These chat rooms allow you to message multiple strangers at the same time. To help you understand these chat rooms better, a good explanation would be that it is something like a whatsapp group. Except, on whatsapp people can know your personal number and other information but here, no one in the chat rooms can find out anything about you other than the information that you might choose to share. You can join as many chat rooms as you like and talk to as many (or as little) people as you want. It’s all up to you! We do not charge a sign up free for the chat rooms either. 

Talking in a group of people like in our chat rooms can give you the feeling of being out at a cafe with some friends. Remember, you can talk with whoever you want to. This means that you will only have people who you find interesting in your chats so logically, it can be even more fun than going out with a group of people who you may not have a lot in common with. Making new friends can be something that you can do at any time and anywhere with Incogchats and our chat rooms.

Our worldwide user base enables you to make new friends with people from all over the world and even learn their culture and language. What’s more is that you can share your culture and language with them privately or through chat rooms. This can make a conversation a lot more interesting than if you were trying to make a new friend with someone from your own locality because they can learn so many new things from you and vice versa. 

Talking to strangers can actually be even better than talking to people who you know because of the ‘no strings attached’ concept. It gives you the chance to emotionally open up to a newly made friend without being vulnerable. This also makes Incogchat a great stress buster. You can just sit down on your couch after a hard day and vent out on a random sympathetic stranger or on one of our chat rooms. 

Making new friends has never been easier and if you’ve gotten this far in the article, Incogchat is just for you!