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It's no wonder that the relationships may need a little recharge now as we've been in these quarantine times for almost a year. Especially if you and your companion are in the midst of a long-distance journey both parties need some boost. 

For you, IncogChats has bought some cute and clever virtual date ideas in lockdown.  

Get to know about each other deeper:-

1) When you're eavesdropping on your favourite tracks, share them with your date. 

2) Give each other tasks like "Tell me a song that reminds you of me" or "Tell me a song that explains the kind of love you're looking for" to take your discussions to the next level.

Trust me this virtual date idea in lockdown is worthy of attention. 

Video Call with each other and cook:-

The second virtual date idea in lockdown is - The concept is about doing things digitally that you’d generally do stuff together in real life. So, because food is the path to everyone's hearts, there are a plethora of virtual opportunities for you and your date to start cooking together via video call. You can teach other different recipes or can hire a virtual chief who can teach you both. 

Compatibility Test:-

This is the best date idea in lockdown. Take advantage of this opportunity to determine your loved one's sun, rising, and moon signals. Believe it or not this all you want. Then go online to check your compatibility and see whether you agree or disagree with anything said.

Do quizzes:-

The most important virtual date idea of lockdown is take the quiz online, then post your answers as you go through the questions. Not only this will make you both learn about your love language, which is crucial in relationships, but also you'll be able to see how he/she reacts to each topic in unique situations.

Play online games together:-

If you like friendly rivalry, there are a plethora of two-player multiplayer games that you can play with your partner no matter where you are. Utilise this moment by developing your friendly relation strong to give rise to trustworthy love life. 

Hope these virtual date ideas in lockdown may help you. Keep your relationship safe by maintaining a bond with each other even in this difficult time. The bond between you and your lover will make this difficult time easier to live.

Stay safe and stay healthy!!