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Let's talk about how you think a date should be? Ask this question to yourself and let the answer come. Now try to execute on it. Remember, if even one thing goes wrong in your date, it can become your last too. Always execute on something once you are sure about it. 

Now note down your plan or dream you think the date should look like and crosscheck it with the first date advice mentioned below.

Following is the first date tips for men :-

Behave normally: 

The first date tip for men is, be what you are and not fake your personality. Just be a regular, considerate, and friendly person. Don't overdo or over say on the first date. It is too bizarre and creepy. 

Just in the nick of time: 

Make sure you meet her at the intended time. In case you got late, call her like a gentleman and tell her all the problems you are facing in catching up with her. This is the most important first tip for men. 

Dress-up to slay : 

The third first date tip for men is to make sure you dress the way you feel great and confident. Your dressing sense should show your pride. 

Wear jeans with a fitted t-shirt and matching shoes.  


You can choose to wear cotton blend pants or a button-up shirt. 

Choose well: 

It's your first date, so choose a great place for the date and make it memorable. 

Make her feel special:  

Try not to include her in your plan and surprise her with something that can make her feel special. 

Before meeting her you can discuss each other's likings at IncogChats and can gift her something based on it. See it as the second most important first date tips for men.  

Cheer her up: 

Once you meet her, give her honest compliments and make her feel comfortable. Your first impression may keep this girl with you forever. So be good to her and crack jokes that literally sound like jokes and not insults. 


Have Fun!!

Stress does not prevent you from getting a good time on your date or from learning how to get a girlfriend. She'll be instantly more willing for you if she sees you having fun, after seeing this she may imagine how much fun you two will have together in the coming future.